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 Fun, excitement and adventure

Our mission is to uplift , inspire and empower all individuals who visit us by providing specially designed programs and activities in a beautiful and pristine setting.

We are dedicated to offering unique, positive and fun experiences for all our guests.

Opening Hours 2020

Monday - closed

Tuesday - 11am to 5pm

Wednesday - 11am to 5pm

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Saturday - 9am to 4pm

Sunday - 9am to 4pm

Silvaland News

Saving an animal that has walked the landscape of Greece since antiquity is no easy task. Saving that same animal and giving it a new meaningful purpose is a gift.
The Silva Project has been the driving force in doing both of those things for a beautiful, ancient breed of horse called the SKYRIAN.

The SKYRIAN Horse is a small-bodied horse that is considered a descendant of the horses that Achilles took with him to Troy. It has links to Alexander the Great and is even depicted on a frieze on the Parthenon. However, as times changed and life modernized, they were no longer needed for agriculture and the numbers of Skryian Horses in Greece, and elsewhere, dwindled greatly.

Along comes their saviour in the form of a passionate animal lover and conservationist, Sylvia Dimitriadis Steen. Over the last two decades, Ms. Steen and her non-profit Silva Project began a breeding program, on the island of Corfu, that was wildly successful. Along with scientific support and assistance from various Universities around the world (Edinburgh, Belgium and Kentucky), pure blood lines were established and the herd on Corfu stands at over 30.

Now comes the part where these sweet tempered horses get a chance at doing something incredibly meaningful. The Silva Project realized that the SKYRIAN horses were ideally suited for children and those with special needs of all ages. The Skyrians are used daily for Equine Therapy and introducing the joys of riding to children.

Ms. Steen established the Silvaland Riding and Life Enrichment Centre, a purpose built centre with all-weather facilities.

To continue to protect and preserve this rare and unique breed of small horse, we need your help! We now have horses in Scotland, Ireland, France and various parts of Greece. Many of these horses are being used at therapy centres. We look forward to more children and adults worldwide benefiting from this easy-going, small horse.

The costs of feeding the genetically diverse and growing Corfu herd is approximately €3000 or $3700 US dollars a month.
The annual cost to keep one Skyrian is €900 or $1100 US dollars.
We are asking you to sponsor these horses.
Please consider a single gift of any amount or a monthly donation of
€75 or $100 US dollars to feed and care for a SKYRIAN.
Your donation would be advertised in our facility and literature or kept private, as per your request.

You would be helping to preserve a marvellous history and quite possibly the oldest horse species in Europe, as well as giving children and adults with special needs a meaningful connection to a beautiful animal.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to have you help us make history!

Please send along this message to all of your friends and family. We want to help the SKYRIAN horses to have a Happy Year!

Thank you in advance for your support!